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Today's Manual, Paper-laden Process

Current payment processes are stuck in decades-old, pre-mobile, pre-eSignature world. Typically, the project builder / prime contractor submits all the invoices by paper or email at the end of the month, alongwith the lien releases from subcontractors. The backoffice staff has to go through all invoices, line up with lien releases and only then issue a check to the prime contractor. Moreover, once the check clears, the accounting staff has to reconcile the funds and ensure no double-payments or lost checks. All these steps quickly add up, increasing staff requirements and risk of errors.



Full Exposure to GC's Financial Condition

The lien releases are valid if and only if the sub-contractor or vendor actually gets paid. Any adverse change in the builder's financial condition may result in the payments falling through, invalidating the lien releases. In addition, the funds may not get used for the intended project, putting your assets at risk. This risk keeps you from trying new builders / general contractors who may be more efficient and innovative. It creates a significant barrier for your firm to scale, grow and be innovative.

Increased Administrative Workload

You have to keep track of all the checks paid, W-9's collected, 1099's issued and field calls from GCs for payment, all these tasks quickly add up becoming significant drain on time and resources.

Risk of Errors

Manual, paper-intensive processes are inherently error-prone. The risk of an incomplete or invalid lien release or risk of extra payments going out can prove very costly.

Higher Fixed Costs

A bloated back-office not only leads to higher fixed costs, it also takes away focus from core business. Additional staff means more managerial overheads, worries about business continuity and labor laws compliance, reducing agility and nimbleness of your business.


CFC's Technology-Fortified Disbursement Process

Before the construction

Before the construction begins, we set up a funds disbursement plan that aligns with the project budget, and get it approved from all the stakeholders, including your lender (if any) and your prime contractor.

During the construction

We directly pay the sub-contractors and vendor, at the request of the builder and hold funds in escrow during transit. A draw request goes through 3 stages.


Our modern, mobile-based eVouchers offer smooth workflow and anytime-anywhere capabilities, enabling the general contractor (GC) to submit a draw request in minutes directly from the jobsite. The GC does not have to go back to the office to create draw requests, or wait till end of the month to receive payments. This significantly accelerates the payment cycle.


Once the request is submitted, our platform cross-checks it against the master budget plan that has been signed off by the developer, lender and GC at the beginning of the project. We initiate any actions, such as inspections or inventory checks, as required by the plan (our platform enables very detailed actions, all the way to an individual line item, vendor or sub-contractor). A fully documented report, along with inspections or inventory checks, goes through the approval flow to the lender, developer or GC, as outlined in the plan. You remain in control fully through the approval process.


Once a request is fully approved, we receive funds in our escrow Trust account, and issue an eVoucher to the sub-contractor. The sub-contractor receives payment only after completion of relevant paperwork, including lien releases and W-9s, as applicable. Our eSignature and ACH capabilities, coupled with modern mobile app means that the sub-contractors can complete the paperwork even from the jobsite. * In cases where electronic process is not accepted or preferred, we provide alternatives for completing the required paperwork quickly and efficiently.

Throughout the construction and afterwards

The full request flow, payments and documentation is captured in great detail and is available to you in real-time. We provide customizable reporting that can be integrated into your own banking or lending management software such as IBM Z, Temenos, EdgeVerve or any platform that can use XML / CSV files – a standard in data exchange.

*: for states that allow remote notarization or do not need notarization of liens and allow eSignatures.


Benefits of Our Process

No Exposure to GC's Financial Condition

Our proprietary eVoucher-based process means nobody gets paid without completing relevant paperwork. Everybody gets directly paid - no more relying on the GC for flow-through payments, and hoping the liens remain valid. For major milestones, we provide trained inspectors as your eyes and ears at the jobsite, so that you have independent confirmation of work completed. All progress is documented for future reference, and is available to you anytime.

Paperwork Burden Removed

Our integrated system captures all payments and related documentation, so that you have everything at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. Electronic documentation means better traceability and ease of audit, less paper to worry about safekeeping, and reduced need for filing space in the office.

Increased Time to Focus on Core Business

We make sure all draw requests come to your team fully ready for approval, complete with all documentation. No more collating papers or aligning lien releases. We take care of it all. For a typical developer, the direct time savings alone are on the order of 1-2 FTEs.

Higher Profitability

A smaller back office means lower costs. A lean team takes less effort to manage, not to mention reduced office infrastructure needs.

Attract Best Builders

The subs and vendors providing labor and materials are vital in successful, timely and on-budget completion of your project. Our platform provides them quick, timely and assured payments, helping their cash flow. Your GC does not have to worry about working capital.

We save your GC's time too. Overall, we save about 1/2 to 1 day per week of phone calls and office work for the GC. The GC can request funds literally within two minute - one minute to create request and one minute to approve eVoucher. He/she can do it standing at the jobsite, or while sipping coffee or while walking the dog.

These benefits mean subs and GCs prefer to work on your projects, rather than your competitors. This gives you you a strong edge in attracting and retaining best builders, further enhancing your brand as a progressive developer.