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We provide streamlined, cost effective, risk free Fund Control Services - a fully controlled, documented release of funds for construction projects, according to an agreed-upon master budget plan.

Benefits of Our Services

Project Developers and Owners, including REITs

Protect your investors and assets, attract best construction partners so that you can focus on what you do the best – finding profitable projects for your investors.

Our streamlined process and modern, fully-electronic mobile workflow ensures funds go quickly and directly to the sub-contractors, providing stronger legal and financial safety net for your projects. We take care of all the payments-related paperwork so that you don’t have to. We save time and costs for your builders too.

The result is quality projects, built quickly and cost-effectively – a strong competitive advantage for you.

Benefits of Our Services

Banks and Private Lenders

Reduce risk and free your loan officers to focus on what they do the best – putting more money to work while building positive relationships.

We will take care of providing appropriate oversight to the construction process, with our controlled funds disbursement process and on-site inspections. No more fixed cost burden of a bloated back office.

Our fast, anytime-anywhere platform saves your builders time and headaches - a competitive edge and value they are willing to pay for.

Talented loan officers are attracted to your firm, as they become more productive and earn more, freed from administrative burden and negative interactions.

End result is risk reduced, money saved and reputation enhanced.

Benefits of Our Services

Builders, General Contractors, Architects and Project Managers

Stop worrying about working capital _AND_ pay your sub-contractors faster, with our mobile, eSignature-ready platform available anytime-anywhere.

No more chasing your sub-contractors for lien releases, W-9s, or worry about 1099s at year-end. We take care of all the paperwork so that you don’t have to. Our real-time payment status reduces calls from your sub-contractors while our guaranteed escrow payments give them peace in of mind making _YOU_ their preferred builder to work with.

End result is more projects, delivered quickly and profitably with a stable, quality team of sub-contractors.